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June 2024 – “Nimbys in the Church of England”: my letter published in New Directions

May 2024 – Adrian’s 186 song music playlist

April 2024 – ‘Let There Be Light’: the abusive behaviour of the Revd Mike Pilavachi

March 2024 – Services of same-sex blessings

March 2024 – A descriptive Mass

March 2024 – Next steps for Church of England safeguarding: thoughts on “The Future of Safeguarding” report by Prof Alexis Jay.

Feb 2024 – Review of the Independent Safeguarding Board: cock-up not conspiracy

Dec 2023 – The employment risks of being open about your Christian beliefs: the case of Felix Ngole.

Dec 2023 – Spiritual abuse by the Reverend Michael Hall – a lesson for churchwardens

Nov 2023 – Transparency of the House of Bishops: letter to the Archbishop of York

Sept 2023 – Audio file of my interview on Radio Woking

Sept 2023 – Watch my guided tour of All Saints Church, Woodham.

July 2023 – I have updated the Guide book for All Saints Church, Woodham.

April 2023 – Moaning about McDonald’s

Feb 2023 – Jesus not forced upon us: reflections on two pieces of Christian art.

Oct 2022 – An encouraging testimony from Sunny Sweeney

Oct 2022 – Past Cases Review 2

Aug 2022 – Report on the installation of underfloor heating at All Saints, Woodham, which I project managed.

Jan 2022 – Titus Trust: Independent Culture Review

Oct 2021 – Election result

Oct 2021 – General Synod election my answers to written hustings questions.

Oct 2021 – My Election Statement for General Synod.

Oct 2021 – Puberty blockers updated: court judgment overturned.

Sept 2021 – Strategy, lay led churches, and ‘Save the Parish’.

Sept 2021 – Safeguarding: the case of Fr Alan Griffin.

June 2021 – Don’t knock church buildings.

May 2021 – What should we do about offensive memorials in church?

April 2021 – Ending church flummery: titles, mitres and Latin.

April 2021 – Reflections on Lessons Learned Review concerning Jonathan Fletcher and Emmanuel Church Wimbledon.

March 2021 – Puberty blockers: a recent Court Judgment.

March 2021 – Summary of Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse: The Anglican Church.

March 2021 – Summary of two Church of England safeguarding reports: re. Whitsey and Gibson.

Feb 2021 – An unusual perspective on Lent: Sermon of Fr Iain Forbes.

Nov 2020 – Reflections on Arnold Schwarzenegger and the General Synod.

Nov 2020 – Book of Common Prayer comes into its own during lockdown.

Nov 2020 – Church Times article including a submission by me on artist Gerald Moira.

Feb 2019 – Women Bishops Provisions: St George’s Headstone.

Sep 2018 – Stopping a burglary as Churchwarden.

Dec 2016 – Some inspiring free films online.

Dec 2016 – The swinging pendulum of national Church finances.

Oct 2016 – Bishop’s Council members’ responsibility to be ‘critical friend’.