I was an elected member of the Church of England’s General Synod from 2010 – 2015.

Before each meeting I published on my website the agenda items that were coming up and my thoughts about them and invited people to send me their views. After the meeting I published the decisions taken and how I voted and why.

The below is a record of all those items, each link opens a pdf.

February 2003 photo of General Synod staff including Adrian Vincent.
Photo: prior to being an elected member of General Synod, I was on the Synod staff. This photo is of the opening day of General Synod in February 2003, where the staff are assembled behind the Archbishop of Canterbury to listen to his opening address. I am in the bottom right of the photo typing up the numbers of speakers on the display screen.
Back row: Sue Moore, Central Secretariat; Revd John Rees, Registrar; Colin Menzies, Corporation of Church House, Andreas Whittam-Smith, Church Commissioners; Anthony Sadler, Crown Appointments Commission; David Hanson, Church Commissioners; Matt Chamberlain, Church Commissioners; Sue Jones, Church Commissioners; Jonathan Neil-Smith, Central Secretariat; Revd Edward Lewis, Hospital Chaplaincies Council; Su Morgan, Human Resources; Robin Stevens, Stewardship; Sir Anthony Hammond, Standing Counsel.
4th row: Robert Wellen, Legal; Malcolm Taylor, Central Secretariat; Nick Hills, Central Secretariat; Judith Egar, Legal; Ingrid Slaughter, Legal; Judith Gracias, Legal; John Clark, Mission & Public Affairs; Canon John Hall, Education; Ven Gordon Kuhrt, Ministry.
3rd row: Rt Revd Richard Llewellin, Bishop at Lambeth; Revd Michael Kavanagh, Chaplain to Archbishop of York; William Fittall, Secretary General; Rt Revd Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury; Stephen Slack, Legal; Brian McHenry, Vice-Chair of House of Laity.
2nd row: Rt Revd David Hope, Archbishop of York; Canon Bob Baker, Prolocutor of the Convocation of Canterbury; Canon Glyn Webster, Prolocutor of Convocation of York; Dr Christina Baxter, Chair of House of Laity.
Bottom: Margaret Stevenson, Stenographer; Adrian Vincent, Central Secretariat. Photo credit: James Rosenthal, Anglican World.

2010-2015 Questions I submitted at General Synod and answers received

2010-2015 Summary of major issues of debate at General Synod

Oct 2015 General Synod election results

Sept 2015 General Synod election information

July 2015 response to the Enabling Measure consultation

July 2015 General Synod – report on the July General Synod

Feb 2015 General Synod – report on the February General Synod

Nov 2014 report on the November General Synod

July 2014 report on the July General Synod

March 2014 Guildford Diocesan Synod: church growth ideas + women bishops report

Feb 2014 report on the February General Synod

Dec 2013 Statement of Needs for the new Bishop of Guildford

Nov 2013 report on the November General Synod

Oct 2013 Parish Share: motion by Woking Deanery Synod

July 2013 report on the July General Synod

May 2013 women bishops update

March 2013 women bishops update

Jan 2013 women bishops update

November 2012 report on the November General Synod

July 2012 report on the July General Synod

Annex: Women Bishops Working Group report 2004

June 2012 responses to the Government’s “Equal Civil Marriage” consultation

June 2012 Guildford Diocesan Synod meeting

June 2012 The Queen as Supreme Governor of the Church of England

May 2012 submission to Human Sexuality Working Group

April 2012 report on the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans meeting

April 2012 report on difficulties within The Episcopal Church of the US

Annex: Tearing the Fabric

March 2012 Guildford Diocesan Synod debate on Anglican Communion Covenant

Feb 2012 report on the February General Synod

Aug 2011 submission to the Revision Committee on Eucharistic Prayers

July 2011 report of the talk by Bishop Victoria Matthews

July 2011 report on the July General Synod

June 2011 – Guildford Diocesan Synod meeting on women bishops

June 2011 response to “Civil partnerships on religious premises: a consultation”

June 2011 report from Changing Attitude talk by Bishop Tom Butler

March 2011 my talk “Women bishops – why is this such a divisive issue?”

March 2011 submission to the Elections Review Group

March 2011 question to the Guildford Diocesan Synod

Feb 2011 report on the February General Synod

Jan 2011 report to the Woking Deanery Synod

Nov 2010 report from the Guildford Diocesan Synod

Nov 2010 report on the November General Synod.

Oct 2010 report from the Reform National Conference

Oct 2010 report from the Forward in Faith National Assembly

Oct 2010 Synod election results

Sept 2010 Hustings speech

Sept 2010 Answer to a question on women bishops

August 2010 election manifesto